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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Don't call it goodbye...

The end of the year activities have kept us hopping! It's unbelievable that tomorrow we say 'good luck' to our class of 2014. Lets catch up on the last two weeks in Warrior Territory.

May 21- Dr Victor Rios
Dr. Rios, a renowned motivational speaker whose own story is inspiring, came and gave two assemblies for our warriors, and then one for the staff. His message was one of listening to your heart and never letting your fate be determined by where you start in life. It was a beautiful and inspiring gift for the students to hear him speak. 

May 23- Dance Show
The Annual Dance 3 show was a great hit and a lot of fun for the dancers to showcase their own choreography on stage. Their pieces ranged from Broadway to lyrical, jazz to hip hop, and the dancers shined as they displayed their creativity they've cultivated throughout the year. 

May 27- Performing Arts Awards night
YV's own version of the Tony Awards was a third annual success! Each discipline performed some of their works from the year, and students were honor for their years in the advanced programs, for their dedication, and for excellence. The perpetual awards will go into banners that are hung in the multi use room- Singers of the Year Nicolas Hutchins and Danielle Tortolani, Musician of the Year Andrew Buscemi, Dancer o the Year Audrey Boer and Amec Lujan, and Performer of the Year Danielle Tortolani and Mckenna Duncan. 

May 28- Spring One Act plays
The drama club pulled together two outstanding one act plays for spring performances, and raised money for the program next year. The club has been very successful this year and looks forward to continued work and meeting new goals next year. 

June 3- Senior Awards night
Seniors and their families were invited to celebrate their successes and honors with awards and scholarships at senior awards night. Scholarships were awarded to many students from the Rossmoor Foundation, the Rotary Club, the class of 1976, the PTSA, John Muir Health, the Timothy Washington Memorial Foundation, and the Better World Scholarship. Our outstanding seniors were honored with the Top Ten being given medals, and some seniors who go above and beyond and maintain their GPA were given the Presidential Certificate of Achievement with a letter from President Obama. It was a wonderful night and our seniors make us proud! 

June 6- Goodbye Rally
The ASB leadership class treated the entire school with a wonderful Moving Up and Goodbye Rally, with skits, performances and the Golden Warrior and Athlete of the Year awards. Golden Warrior Scholars were Daipeng Yang and Shannon Kitchell, (GPA's of 4.33) Citizenship went to Hannah Curtis, Leadership to Aaliyah Minor, and the Golden Warrior is Stephanie Martinez. 

And then later... Senior Sunset
That evening ASB coordinated our first ever senior sunset and more than 200 seniors arrived to watch it together as the sun set on their high school careers. Next up- graduation! 
Alumni Events 
Our alum have been busy too! Just this weekend marked th graduation and life events of so many- here are just a few! 

Earlier this year we highlighted musician alum Adam Schuman- he just got married! Congratulations Adam! 
Along with Haley Rader
Greg Hanks
And Emerson Croxton
And congratulations to some college graduates, including 
UCLA grad Steven Lam
CSU Stanislaus Katie Mitchell

UC Davis William Quach (in less than 4 years!)

And UC Santa Cruz - now licensed to practice dentistry, Dr Melanie Reyes Gaglioti! 

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