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Monday, October 13, 2014


It's a great time in Warrior Territory as baseball goes to playoffs (with all California teams making it to post season - wahhhh??), Hockey season begins, Football is in full swing, and the weather... well, remains unchanging for now. Homecoming brings back the alums, and everyone gets excited for the first dance of the year!

But what's been happening?

"GOOD MORNING WARRIORS!" That's right, you have now starting hearing two smooth young voices every Monday, bringing you the latest in Warrior news over the intercom- those two bright stars are Seniors Josiah Cisler and Michael Mendoza! They are now reading the announcements every Monday and keepin us all informed. Both young men are on our cheer team (Michael is Captain), both are active in our ASB Leadership class, and both are simply put, awesome.

Sports Med Gives Back
Last week after a particularly messy day at YVHS, and before three games that the Warriors would be hosting that evening, the sports medicine class decided enough was enough and took to the quad.. and the basketball courts, and the front of the school, the lawn... A quick trash cleanup did the trick- and here's hoping for a more long term solution, as the trash is getting a bit out of hand. Ideas?

Varsity Volleyball gives CHS a run
The Girls Volleyball team was not going to just roll over for the Minutemen as they probably expected- the Warriors took the team to 4 games, keeping them close, and keeping up a great fight in their game against Concord High last week. Look for the Warriors to take on College Park at CP this Tuesday, before hosting the Mt Diablo Red Devils on Thursday. 

Health Academy visits Contra Costa Fire
The Health Academy sophomores went on their first field trip on Thursday. It was their first experience representing the Health Academy in their suits, the looked great!
Half of the class went to the Contra Costa Fire Station and met with the firefighters on duty. They learned about the many career paths available to firefighters and the training and education needed. They were given a tour of the medical equipment used at medical and fire emergencies. Over 90% of calls firefighters respond to are medical! The students were able to try on the gear and explore the technology available to fight fires. The firefighters were so welcoming and helpful. The other half of the class will attend on December. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
The Warriors have gone pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Did you know 1 in 8 women in their lifetime will develop breast cancer? And that ratio is getting higher. Warriors band together to remember those who have fought and honor those who are fighting now. We have several survivors on campus, including Ms. Sharon Thompson, who just passed her 10 year cancer free mark this month! Congrats Mrs. Thompson! 

The Football and Cheer Teams have gone pink for their games, while the ASB Leadership class sold Warriors Fight for the Cure shirts for the student body, and the Renaissance Leadership class is hosting a ribbon signing to post up on campus. 

Together we can make a difference! 

ASB Leadership heads to the Area A Conference
The ASB Leadership class went out to YOLO county this past week to collaborate with other leadership classes in the Area, hear from some motivational speakers, and get some ideas for the year. Inspiration is the spark for a great year in Student Activities, and our class has been a leading class in the state for excellence for the past 5 years! Go Warriors! 

Guitar Concert for the Fall
The Intro and Advanced Guitar classes held their first Fall Concert this past week in the Multi Use room, playing songs together and as individual groups for a rapt audience. Led by Mr. Geoff Carter, the class learned what stage fright was and overcame it as they played their tunes for the crowds. Look for this talented group at the upcoming Carols by Candlelight show with choir and dance in December! 

Cross Country to Newhall Park
Our Cross country team made a great showing last week at Newhall Park vs College Park and Concord High School, with our own 11th grader Jorge Bernabe Velzaquez coming in 3rd place in the race. 

Go Warriors! 

and the Band Marches On
The Golden Warrior Marching band took to the streets of San Francisco for the Annual Italian Heritage Parade yesterday in honor of Christopher Columbus day. Another great performance for the Warriors, be looking for the band at Homecoming this week! 

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