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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


The new school year at YVHS has started in a fresh new way, 
and the Warriors are feeling the love and pride early on. Let's take a look...

First and foremost... Here's to our new Principal!! 
(and the crowd roars) 
That's right, Efa Huckaby, who served as a vice principal for YVHS for 7 years, accepted the position to come lead the charge as we head off in new and exciting directions in Warrior Territory! Staff, students, alums and parents have all chimed in with their support, excitement, and thanks to the district for this outstanding hire. 
We're looking at you Mr. Huckaby! #alwaysawarrior

Link Crew Preps for the Class of 2019
Shirts are ready.. even for the coordinators kids- future warriors! #startthemearly
Under the direction of coordinators Nathan Vasarhely, Erica Huie, Kelly Cooper and Corissa Stobing, the Link Crew leaders broke off from their summer early to come in and get trained to run activities with the crews on the first day of school. Armed with new curriculum, leadership skills, and a reminder to Go Big, the leaders were excited to welcome the class of 2019 on Sept 25th! 

Leaders taking a Krispy Kreme break during training

YV Staff working on Culture and Climate with the incomparable Phil Boyte
In preparation for a new school year, Principal Efa Huckaby brought in the big guns to help prepare staff and talk about campus climate and culture. Phil Boyte is coincidentally the founder of Link Crew, and has written several books about a variety of subjects, with his latest project about this subject in particular. What a great start to the year for the staff to get energized and re-focused! 

Pimp My Ride ASB! 
Our amazing ASB Leadership class starts school spirit off right with a car paint party, painting student and staff cars to get the word out in the community about sweet Warrior Pride. Keep looking for great things to come from this award winning program, under the direction of Corissa Stobing! 

AND NOW... Let's Go. Week of Welcome
This year, YVHS staff worked diligently to prepare a unique experience for the Warriors in their first week back, with the goal being to prepare the campus for a positive and productive environment, where goals are set, and expectations are laid out from the beginning. Warriors are given the tools to success from the get go, and we hope that this fantastic opening leads to an amazing year for everyone! 

So to begin- 
Class of 2019! Welcome to YVHS! 
The freshmen were escorted to the gym for some team building, inspirational messages, and some small group time with their upperclassmen leaders, to build connections early on and start them on the right foot. Thank you LINK CREW! 

Then it was time to party- CARNIVAL! 
The amazing cafeteria staff, led by Joyce Hsi, our food services coordinator, put on a FREE BARBECUE for every staff member and student! Then the big games came out, and students were treated to some slides, some jousting, sumo suits, and more, while vendors and services, like our outstanding After School Program, led by Allyn Monzon came out to educate all about what was available to them. 

Lunch for EVERYONE! 

Allyn Monzon talking up the ASP
Day 2 Week of Welcome
For day two, Warriors participated in workshops to learn about the Warrior Way, how to get into Google Classroom and their Homelink accounts, teambuilding by Class, and Commitment to Graduate, in cooperation with Jostens. 

Getting technology-trained
Class of 2016 (on our new turf field!) 

The class that plays together, stays together

New Warriors- Class of 2019

Freshmen try them on for size

Not too far off!! Coming soon to a stage near you...

Class of 04 alum USMC Sergeant Jose Ayala and
Class of 05 alum Alison Swick of KTVU came to talk to the Warriors
about their path to graduation and beyond. 
Day 3- Week of Welcome
Day 3 the Warriors were treated to an outstanding motivational speaker, Kevin Laue! The first NCAA Division I basketball player with one arm, Kevin had a great message about not making excuses, ignoring so-called limits, and how to make a difference in the community. He then called out Principal Efa Huckaby for a little one on one. Huck got a huge shot off in the beginning, and then was swiftly put away by the fantastic ball player. 

Day 4- Week of Welcome
Warriors visited all of their classes on this day and did some team building in each, getting to know their classmates and teachers, and getting a good feel for the Warrior family. 
At lunch, teachers held their first Lawn Chair Friday, holding court over the quad in their chairs, and celebrating each other and the campus community after a busy week! 

Math teambuilding- solving engineering problems with spaghetti and marshmallows, naturally!

Lawn Chair Fridays! 

And that is just week 1... 

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