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Friday, September 27, 2013

Last week - until September Ends...

Good Week Newsletter
September 27, 2013
Written by: Devin Rader
Edited by: Danielle Tortolani

Music Amongst the Cheers

Up until last Friday, the Marching Band had only performed at a few games. There were a few pep bands that formed together, but the entire Marching Band has only performed once, and that was for the homecoming game of last year. This year promised to be different. With Mr. Pattison, newest to the Ygnacio Valley family, under command, he promised that the Band would play at least three of the home games for our football team this year. Last Friday was the first, so that leaves at least two more. The band was greeted with cheers and played the football team onto the field. Throughout the rest of the night, excluding the third quarter of the game, the marching band performed little bits of music, providing filler in case there was a timeout, or in between the plays. As the band finished up the fourth quarter, The Cheer Team started up the chant, “We love band! We love band!” The bands response? An overwhelming reply of “We love Cheer! We love Cheer!” If one were to ask how the band felt, since this is somewhat of a new feel, I’d say they felt right at home.

Marching Band at Football- a beautiful thing!

Seniors of YV take a Day

On Tuesday, the Class of 2014 took a day to enjoy a nice picnic. Boarding the buses at 8:00 in the morning, the seniors took a trip to San Ramon's Little Hills to enjoy a day to themselves. With no cell service, the senior class had no excuse BUT to have fun. There were a variety of sports to be played, a climbing wall, a swimming pool, water balloon tosses, tug of war, and bag races. This was enough to keep the senior class happy until lunch, where they were served up hamburgers, hot dogs, cookies, chips and soda. And the fun continued on afterward. One teacher said that it was good to see the seniors, “making their own fun,” and playing around like we were five again. The seniors finished up their day with a photo, and then boarded the busses, and rode back to YV. With memories of Senior Picnic, smiles, and plenty of fun, the senior class went home without a care in the world.

Tug of War- Competition was FIERCE!
Wall climbing was popular as well

Club Carnival Shows Color at YV

All students were welcome on Friday at lunch to our annual Club Carnival! It was a chance for students to be exposed to clubs they probably didn't even imagine would be at our school. Students found that many of the clubs covered the entire quad to show them what they are all about. Some even gave candy out to those who participated in the games! These clubs showed that it didn't matter who you are, because you can belong to any club. Current members found it surprising just how many students were interested in their club.

Charity Drive

GSA club with some Rainbow Trivia

Interact Club

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