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Monday, September 23, 2013

Rally Week at Ygnacio Valley

Ygnacio Valley HS 
Warrior Newsletter
Devin Rader, YVHS Renaissance

Warrior Marching Band Shines in Twilight Parade

Last Saturday, Our marching band competed in the Walnut Festival Twilight Parade. Drum Major Andrew
Danielle and Andrew with their spoils
Buschemi leading the way, the marching band went on to take third overall among the eight bands that competed. The color guard, led by Danielle Tortolani, took second overall. With this being Danielle’s first start as the coordinator for the guard, she feels that they are off to a good start and is optimistic about the year. Andrew took second among all the drum majors to compete. Steve Accatino, the former music teacher who taught for 3 years at
Ygnacio Valley, was one of the grand marshals of the parade. He paid the band a visit before the parade began, and wished them good luck and told them to have fun. Mr. Pattison, the new band director, shared his gratitude to the band after the competition, and the band celebrated the start at Black Bear Diner to finish the night.


Color Guard hard at work

Ygnacio Valley’s First Rally Shows Energy

Last Friday, Ygnacio Valley had its first rally of the year. Students were excited to cheer and scream as the spirit stick raced by. Starting the rally out on the right foot, or rather, the left, the Golden Warrior Marching Band march onto the floor, flags waving, music playing, and mace rising, the band played “Cyrus the Great” and exited with “Obnoxious” which started to really get the students going. With plenty of games, and performances by Nicolas Hutchins and Salvador Gonzales, with Dance III closing it out, this battle of the elements was a great way to start the year. The Freshmen were Earth, Sophomores were Wind, Juniors were Fire, and Seniors were Water. Great job pulling the rally together in such a short time to our ASB Leadership program, under the direction of Corissa Stobing



Freshmen Field Day Models Energy and Spirit

Tuesday, the Link Crew and the entire freshman class met on the YV Football field, for a few periods of laughter and activities. The Link Crew leaders enjoyed meeting together with the freshmen that they showed around YV, plus a few more! With activities like Steal the Bacon, and the ever popular Water Balloon Toss, students found ways to make more friends, and build better relationships with their leaders. After the activities were finished, students met in the bleachers of the field, and were given a spirit lesson. The Class of 2017 was a little unsure of themselves at the rally, so Ms. Cooper and Mrs. Stobing taught the class how to really make themselves known as THE Class of 2017. The students picked things up quick and with school almost out, the C.A.R.E.S. After School Program brought out some snacks for all the students.

College Day Tells Students About Opportunities to Arrive

The Education Academy held their first annual College Fair, which was well attended by students and Universities. Students had the opportunity to meet with several universities as well as the military to discuss college readiness and admissions. There were workshops about programs like DACA, the Dream Act, FAFSA, and the CSU system. Congrats to the Education Academy and Coordinators Thatcher Palmer and Laura Hallberg for putting together such a worthwhile event!

Sports Medicine Gets a Makeover

This year begins a new era in the area of Sports Medicine. For the first time, the student athletes have a place to go with their injuries to get treatment, rehabilitation and evaluations for their injuries. The new training room has state of the art modalities including a whirlpool for ice therapy, electrical stimulation and ultrasound for increased healing and pain modulation, and brand new rehab devices to help our athletes return to play faster. Ms. Cooper is the head athletic trainer at YV, and is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. This new room also serves as the sports medicine classroom, and the nearly 40 students enrolled couldn’t be more thrilled to learn in such a great new environment! 

Warriors Saving Lives

Last week, when a student began to choke in the cafeteria, Health Academy Student Oscar Cardenas sprang into action.   While the cafeteria staff immediately called in admin for help, Oscar rushed over and performed the Heimlich maneuver, and the student's airway was cleared. He received emergency first aid and CPR training as part of the academy by Ms. Gower his junior year. 

Also saving lives was our own Wrestling coach, Tate Miller. While dining at a Chinese food restaurant, a toddler began choking, and workers and the baby's parents stood by helplessly. Tate jumped in and performed a finger sweep to clear the child's airway, and the child began crying and breathing normally right after. Tate credits Kelly Cooper who taught his mandated coach's CPR and First Aid training for his quick thinking and ability to react.

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