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Monday, October 28, 2013

Homecoming Week

October 24, 2013

Marathon Warriors 

This past weekend, Warrior Staff Eugenia Behar (office manager) and Socorro Lomas (Senior Administrator, Puente Lead) ran 26.2 miles at the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. Even after suffering a knee injury on mile 20, they pushed through to the finish and earned their shirts and Tiffany necklaces. Way to inspire, Warriors!

Spirit Days!
It’s Homecoming Week! Do you know what that means? Spirit Days all the time! This week, the students were encouraged to show their school spirit so that they can rack up points for their classes. Monday was Snapbacks versus Beanies. Students showed their support of their favorite headwear! Tuesday was 80’s day. Bring on the neon and the jogging shorts! Wednesday was Pink Wednesday. In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, students decked themselves out in all the pink. Thursday was the day that all the closets blew up! All students wore things that they found at random, not caring whether or not the clothing matched! Friday was the Entrance of the Emerald City! Students wore green, green, and more green to show support for the city! Seniors lead spirit points at 728, Juniors at 629, Sophs at 369, and Freshman class has 352. 
80's Day Done Right

Wizard of Oz

Homecoming Rally
Touted as one of the best rallies we've had in years, the homecoming rally was energetic, fun, and well received by all. Students celebrated being Warriors, candidates for King and Queen put on amazing and hilarious skits, the choir sang a gorgeous version of Over the Rainbow, Dance 3 went Easing on Down the road... It was a great day! 
Dance 3

Homecoming Football
Attendance was great, spirits were high- The Star Spangled Banner and the Alma Mater were sung by our Madrigals and alumni choir members, then the Warriors fought hard, eventually falling to the Northgate Broncos.

All the really great pictures courtesy of Carolyn Moore

One Night in the Emerald City

From the game on Friday night, to the dance floor the following night, students and alumni were invited to come home. The students enjoyed going to the gym, where our ASB Leadership class had decorated it to look like the city of green! Dancing, photo booths, and an abundance of food kept the students entertained for the night. Congratulations to our Homecoming Court also!

F     Freshmen Lord and Lady: Steffany Solorio and Dylan Hatch
·         Sophomore Duke and Duchess: Marcia Segovia and Tamim Omari
·         Junior Prince and Princess: Michael Mendoza and Vianca Hernandez
·         Senior King and Queen: Patrick Valencia and Nargis Safi

and finally... Cross Country Updates
Our Cross Country team is at the top of the charts! There are two other school tied for first with us, but these are merely details that will be resolved at the league meet this week.  Ygnacio Valley, College Park and Clayton Valley are in a tie for first place! Let’s Go Warriors! Train hard, and run harder!

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