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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dead Week

Warrior Weekly

January 17, 2014

Musical Auditions

As some of you may know, Ygnacio Valley does a musical every year. This year’s musical can be considered by some to be a step up from the rest. This year, Ygnacio Valley High School presents “Legally Blonde.” The director of the musical, Kelly Cooper, has promised that this show will knock everybody’s socks off. With plenty of musical accompaniment, dancing law students, and singing blondes, you don’t want to miss out on this fantastic performance! Mark your calendars for April 4, 5 and April 11 and 12 because you don’t want to miss this!


Cash for College

Tuesday, seniors and their parents were invited out to the Cash for College meeting in the Ygnacio Valley library. This course was to help those seniors who want to get into college that extra bit of help with their FAFSA forms, but also held many opportunities for seniors who needed some help managing their money for college. This course helped many seniors get a very good idea of what they wanted and what they needed for college.


Sports Update

Wintertime means two things for high school, basketball and soccer teams going head to head with other schools. With everything going on it’s time for YV Sports Updates. First off with our boys soccer program which is 9-2-1 and looking for another shot at NCS. Girls soccer is sitting at 6-10 and looking to improve from there. Boys basketball is looking at a 4-14 record, but recently scored an impressive victory over Berean Christian. Girls Basketball is looking for their first win, with a 0-10 record. Keep up the awesome work Warriors!


Education Academy visits the Capitol

The Ed Academy made a trip out to the state Capitol to watch legislation in action. A great trip for a better understanding about legislation and how it affects education. 

Construction Updates

Some of you may know we have some construction being done on campus. First our Chemistry wing is being built for our Chemistry teachers to make some fun experiments in. Second YV got lights for the football field and those are also in construction so that the students can play in the Friday Night Lights, like we have wanted for some time now. Both projects are running smoothly and are looking ahead. According to Mr. Huckaby, the lights and Chemistry lab should be finished sometime in March! This is some great news for the spring sports!




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