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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Break is HERE!!

Warrior Weekly- Crazy Pre-Winter Week Reviewed
December 20, 2013
Written by: Devin Rader
One Act Reviews
The drama club presented their one act plays to the English classes before the end of Winter Week. Students were happy with the plays and were great audiences. Promaggedon was solved, and the Final Four were rescued. Superheroes were proven to be the ultimate codependents, and the Doctor helped them have a time of peace. Twitches proved to Don and Nancy that their neighbors were actually aliens trapped here for 35 million seconds (or 405.095 days) and all attracted people for the night shows showcased on that night. Thanks for all the laughs Drama Club!

Carols by Candlelight
Filled with piano pieces, dancing, singing, and plenty of holiday spirit, Carols by Candlelight was a great performance to all. With plenty of performing arts groups coming together to put on a show, what more could someone expect? Mr. Carter directed Madrigals, Concert Choir and the two guitar classes to ring in the holidays with some great songs celebrating all of the winter holidays, and the Dance 3 program retold the tale of the Polar Express through dance and music. This show has been a 35 year tradition, and there were plenty of alumni on board to celebrate and sing the final carol, Silent Night, as has been the tradition for so long. Thanks to all the groups, alumni, teachers, and parents that helped put on a great show!

100 feet of Nachos
Another Link Crew event in cohorts with the After School program - to ring in the soccer season. Students had the opportunity to go out to the Quad on Thursday and eat Nachos until their bellies were bulging. This was the opportunity to help the students reconnect with one another, seeing as it has been over a month before the last Link Crew event, which was Trunk or Treat. . Although the nachos were short-lived, the satisfaction wasn’t. We look forward to the next Link Crew event!

Senior Breakfast
Friday, all Seniors were invited to Senior Breakfast. With performances, games, and memories as we looked back, this was an event to remember for our Senior year. YV students took a trip off campus and spent time together playing board games and wii games, bonding over laughs and juice while some of the YV staff worked hard in the kitchen to get breakfast out. There were performances by several students that are guaranteed to last a long time in our minds. Senior Breakfast was a very big event and a great tradition that our Warriors look forward to. There was some extra food at the end of the event, and the seniors donated the food to the Monument Crisis Center.

Deck the Halls
With plenty of pent up holiday cheer, the clubs, with help from CARES and ASB Leadership, spent time to deck the halls with all the holiday cheer they could muster. The students and staff made posters, put up cellophane to tint the halls, hung lights and streamers and  joy all over the school. With reminders of what the holiday is really about, it was hard not to feel joyous in this special season.

Toys for Tots and the Coat Drive
Warriors work hard for those in need, and the holiday season was no exception. In cooperation with the US Marine Corp office, Winter Sports, ASB and Renaissance Leadership, and Sports Medicine all collected Toys for the Toys for Tots programs. Interact and the Concord Rotary Chapter also created a friendly competition between 3rd period classes for the greater good of warmth, in a coat drive. Both drives were very successful and Warriors can be proud of their good works for the holiday season. 

A Look in a Classroom
This week I took a look inside Mrs. Hillhouse’s AP Spanish IV and V class. The week before, the class had a test, and I was fortunate to get Mrs. Hillhouse’s opinion on the results. Although she wasn’t expecting straight A’s all around the class, she was a little displeased with the test results of some students. She also said that this is a very hard class, being a college level class and all, so she expects her students to be able to move on and look back on their mistakes, and solve them. The students in this class have been studying Spanish history and the Spanish Civil War. Talking about the past you must use the past tense of the verbs that you use, or the preterite tense. This is what the students have been studying in her classes.

Letter from Me to You
Dear Readers,
            Hello. In the spirit of the Holidays, I thought I would take the time to compose a letter to spread a little joy and show my thanks. When Cooper came up to me and wanted me to start these “Warrior Weekly” writings, I was a little skeptical at first, but through all the year we have been working together to show the community what YV really is about, and who we are as Warriors. I am very grateful to sit down each week and write about the good things that happen each week. I never realized it at first glance, but we are a very active school and we do so many things to help brighten create a better community. Thank you all for all the support you give and all the things you do for this school. Happy Holidays everybody! 

                                                                                                Devin Rader
                                                                                                Class of 2014

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