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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A week of Warrior advocacy

Warrior Weekly
March 21, 2014

Week of Kindness and Heart Attack
Showing kindness is seldom seen anymore. To help the students realize that building each other up instead of tearing each other down is the way to go, ASB Leadership put on a Week of Kindness. Monday was Compliment Day, so the students were encouraged to say something nice about each other, spreading great vibes throughout the school. Tuesday was Grateful Day, and the students were able to tell the school what they were grateful for by writing it down for Chain Reaction Day. The ASB students pulled all of these together to make one long chain and showed this off to the students, while the students were doing nice things for each other and encouraging others to do the same. Thursday was Try Something New day. The students were asked to step out of their comfort zone and, well, try something new! Friday was Heart Attack day, and there were names of every student printed on paper hearts all over the 600 and 300 wings. Students searched diligently to find their hearts on the walls. This week was definitely a success, as everyone seemed happier at the end and hopefully we can carry on some of these habits without the reminders. 

Tennis Wins Big vs Mount Diablo
The boys tennis team served up a victory for YV during Thursday’s game versus Mount Diablo! With a big 7-0 victory and a perfect game served up by one of the school aces, the YV Tennis team looks ahead for even more victories to come! Way to be awesome Warriors!

Warrior Lacrosse Marches on against College Park
The Warrior Lacrosse team, in its 3rd year in existence, continues to march on to victory after successfully subduing the Falcons at College Park High School. 
Go Warriors! 

Freshmen Info Night
Parents of 8th graders from all feeder patterns were invited to visit on the night of the 20th to find out what YV had to offer and why we are a great choice in the district. Programs were highlighted and parents were invited to learn more about the academies, the arts, the Puente program, and more. Spread the word! YV is a great place to be.

Kick Butts Day
Did you know that every 30 minutes, at least 50 people in the United States die from tobacco related illness? Renaissance did, and raised awareness during National Kick Butts Day! The Renaissance Class spent the last few weeks preparing tombstones and facts about smoking for this national awareness day. There was also a booth out by the office to show the students that right now was the time to quit if someone was smoking! Renaissance had bracelets, treats, and coupons for cessation assistant materials, to help students kick the habit for good! Thank you Warrior Renaissance!

Teen to Teen Clothing Drive
Renaissance Leadership has been collecting clothes and shoes from students since last week for the Teen to Teen Clothing Drive. Some teenagers don’t have shirts or pants to keep them warm during the harshness of Winter, so this drive was to help those students out. It’s a great chance to help out and do a little cleanup for your closet!

Jammy Jam
Friday students were invited to blow off their week with a Jammy Jam! ASB Leadership decorated the Multi Use room with clouds and stars, had jars full of candy, and music pumping of course. Students were invited to wear their most comfortable jammies and dance the night away. With a good turnout for a first time event, the night was a success and students had a blast dancing to hip hop, salsa and country, visiting the photo booth, and hanging out on the couches. 

Athletic Booster Annual Banquet
The YVHS Athletic Boosters raised money for our programs through their annual banquet, this year held at St John Vianney and Catered by Kinders. They had a live and silent auction, and did a great deal to help keep our programs afloat as they have been self funded for the last 5 years after the district cut all sports funding. 

Last week, during the CAHSEE, the freshmen, sophomores and juniors were able to listen to a speaker against cyber bullying, Ms. Kim Karr. Being a local teacher at a middle school not too far from here, she knows of the drama and things that students say to one another. Her job was to raise awareness of this and put a stop to it. Using various activities, she got every one of the students involved with these life lessons. She captured the attention of everyone, with her frankness and real life examples that all of us could relate to, and spread the word that we can help one another instead of tearing each other down all the time with the things that we say. She encouraged all to look at one another through better eyes, and see what each of us could become instead. Thank you to the #icanhelp group and the ASB Leadership classes for helping in putting this on!


Alum in the Spotlight- Adrian Pena, Class of '93

What was your major in College- Mathematics from UC Santa Barbara

Current Job? What do you love about it? I am an IT program manager at Kaiser Permanente. I love figuring out how to make our IT service offerings more efficient for our customers. 

Advice for YV Students? As you grow in life, be ready to adapt. While you will not forget where you came from, always embrace your future. 

Favorite Class? Mr. Silvey's Calculus class. It's the one class that turned my aptitude towards math into me seriously and eventually considering it for a career.

HS Activities? I took as many AP classes as I could take. I was on Cross Country, Soccer and Swimming and I did dance 3. I had some major realizations about who I was and what I could achieve in my life during my time at YV. 

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