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Monday, March 17, 2014

MARCH-ing along...

Warrior Weekly News

Santa Cruz Jazz Festival:
Over the weekend, the YV Jazz Band had the opportunity to go on down to Santa Cruz for sun, fun, and jazz! Leaving during 4th period, the Jazz Band wanted to get down to the Torchlite Inn early, so that they could have some down time before going to a concert that was being performed later that night. Students and parents quickly got settled into their rooms, and walked around Santa Cruz, getting some food, and playing around before they had to be back at the hotel at 6:00. They then drove down to the venue where the performance would be held. In this case, one of the local colleges. The first group to perform was a vocal jazz group who were called "The Bobs." Following the Bobs, Bobby Shew, a famous trumpet player (and quite honestly one of the best), played with a band comprised of instrumentalists from around the area, both college and professional alike. The performance was finished around 9:00, and all the students were eager to get to their next location, a local ice cream shop, Marianne's. Afterwards, the Jazz Band went back to the hotel and fell asleep after a long day. That morning, after a hearty breakfast and energy to tackle the day, the Jazz Band headed over to the venue for the Santa Cruz Jazz Festival, to knock the socks off the judges. They had a while beforehand, so the students were invited to try Jazz Clinics that were available around the area, to better their skills in jazz. The band then put on a hearty performance, and being tired from the long day, crept into the cars and drove home. Way to be awesome, Warrior Jazz!

Pops Concert:
In what Mr. Carter said had been the, "best Pops Concert we've had in a while," the Madrigals, Choir, Guitar, and soloists Rory Tank and Nicholas Hutchins put on a show that was certain to be remembered by all who attended and performed. Choir opened up the show with a YV rendition of "We're All in this Together" and continued to sing more songs that would get you pumped up for Nicholas Hutchins performing the song, "It's Fine by Me" and Rory Tank performing, "Brave." They were a perfect setup for the Guitar classes, who had been working hard on their pieces for the performances. Then Nicholas Hutchins performed the song, "It's Fine by Me" and Rory Tank performed, "Brave". After Guitar, the MadMen and the MadriGals switched off, both performing songs that would tug at your heartstrings and make you want to giddy-up! The biggest hit was said to be the Bella's Finale, from the movie "Pitch Perfect." which had the Madrigals dancing all around the stage. The MadMen finished off the performance, with "So Much in Love" and "Jump in Da Line" which had the audience on the edge of their seats. Special thanks to Mr. Carter who filled in for the Tenor 2 section, who was at the Santa Cruz Jazz Festival, the second night!

Legally Blonde Set Building:
Saturday and Sunday were no option for the Legally Blonde cast. They were required to be at YV Saturday and Sunday for set building. With the show just a few short weeks away, the cast had plenty to keep them going. The cast has yet to finish some of the important sets for the production, and were working on which sets would go where during the production. Keep up the spirits Warriors!

Alum in the Spotlight- Allison Swick- Graduated 2004

What was your major in college- My major is Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts. - The less confusing answer is that I went to school to study TV and Radio. 

What is your work and why do you love it? I currently work  for KTVU Channel 2 and Group 236. It's so exciting working in a busy news studio. I get to work side by side with our reporters and the crazy deadlines keep me busy. One of the best parts of my job is how almost instantly rewarding it is. I may have to create something out of nothing and it needs to be on the air in three hours. I write scripts and send them off to get recorded. I edit whole commercials and send it off to air and then 'Poof!' Like magic what was nothing is now something. It's a great place that allows be to be creative while always being new and challenging. 

Any advice for YV students today now that you've begun your career? Things you weren't ready for? Looking back now I wish someone had told me in high school that I didn't need to have everything planned out. High school, for me, was really about finding out who I was. I know it sounds cliche' but college is the time to try new things, to take risks. For me, I was really shy in high school. I was outgoing but I always played it safe. Didn't want to look stupid, didn't want my friends to see me fail, so I went through high school always planning and thinking about what could have been the worst case scenario. I wish someone had told me how much easier life would be if I took risks when I had a safe place with friends I had known my whole life around me. That high school is the place to put yourself out there and really find out who you are. Once I got to college I knew I wanted to work in TV but there were a lot of things that took me out of my comfort zone and I had to really discover myself while embarking on a new and scary journey. 

All I'm saying is that high school is when you look back at everything you achieved and realize you are a grown mature person and you have so much to be proud of. Once I realized that I had a lot to offer the big grown up world, I was able to try new things and step outside of my comfort zone to find something that I didn't even realize I was passionate about. It's a hard transition from high school to college and I think I understood that the work load would be massive and classes would be harder, but I wasn't ready for how much I would need to rely on just good old fashioned self-esteem. Don't get me wrong, work hard in high school. Take hard classes and do the reading but don't forget that you worked so hard to get there and that's something to be proud of because there will come a time when you are frustrated and you will be struggling with school and work and just all of the demands that come with growing up. Yet, when that time comes, look back and count your blessings because you need to be your biggest fan to succeed. 

What was your favorite class in high school and did it pertain to what you do now? My favorite class was English. Oddly, I didn't think I ever finished an assigned reading while I was at YV, but I liked hearing the class all share what they thought the reading was all about. I liked how the story changed depending on who was interpreting it. I guess that's part of the reason I love working in TV, I get to tell stories and tell it from all of these different angles and that just excited me. 

What did you do in high school? I did so much while I was there! Before I tell you all the crazy things I did, I know that juggling all of these activities in high school was probably the best training I ever got for college and now for the fast-paced media industry. 

I graduated with 10 varsity letters. I played soccer, softball, tennis, and I ran cross country. For two years I was President of our Multi-Cultural club and directed our very popular multi cultural assembly, and for a year I was the President of our Art Club. I played flute in the marching band and bassoon in the wind ensemble. I acted in a few of our school plays my senior year. I know it seems silly but I still regret not trying new things I had never tried before like Volleyball or audition for the Improv team. Like I said take risks and try new things while you are in high school!

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