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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Warriors Territory Heats Up

Selfie Stick! 
It's a hot winter, at least in terms of activities and exciting happenings 
on campus here at YVHS!

Academic Luncheon
Warriors were treated to an early release from 6th period and a free lunch celebrating some academic successes! Over 200 students were invited to partake of this fun event, provided through Allyn Monzon and our amazing After School Program, in collaboration with Renaissance Leadership. Students honored met one of the following criteria:
  • Honor Roll for Spring Semester 2014 (3.5 and up) 
  • Principal's List for Spring 2014 (4.0 and up) 
  • GPA improvement of .5 or better from Fall '14 to Spring '14
  • GPA improvement of 1.0 or more from Fall '14 to Spring '14
These students were also honored at the Fall WOW assembly and were given rewards cards that they were encouraged to use in each of their classes, for things including extra credit, a homework pass, early release for lunch, and more. 
Congrats Warriors! We are proud of you! And Keep up the great work! 

ASB Hosts Leadership Development Day with over 200 Middle Schoolers
Middle School Leadership students made the trek to their award winning *6 years running of Excellent California Leadership Program Awards* high school counterpart, to participate in a great day of activity, challenge, and a positive motivating message to bring back to their schools. 

Warriors Treated to Mike Smith Live! 
Students were treated during CAHSEE week to a motivational speaker by the name of Mike Smith, a young midwestern grad who is the CEO for two non-profit companies with partnerships with Red Bull, Jostens, and Tilly's, including a philanthropic movement called Skate for Change, where young skateboarders get together with backpacks full of supplies, water, and food and distribute them to the local homeless.
Mike came to YV to bring a message- What will be your legacy? 

Alums back to Dance
Dance 3 has been treated to some amazing guest teachers- their older counterparts! Several dancing grads have come back to treat the dancers to master classes, bringing back what they have learned since leaving a Warrior, and letting the kids know what about the YV experience helped them in their dance pursuits. Guest teachers have included Steve Sese ('08 grad) who is graduating from SF State in May and has been dancing with several crews; Amec Lujan and Jesus Lizarraga ('14 grads) who currently dance and compete with Chapkis, and more. #AlwaysaWarrior

Amec and Jesus back on stage with Cooper for Warmups

New Voice at Basketball Games
We have a new emcee at our basketball games, though you wouldn't know it from his seasoned attitude and easy manner in pumping up the crowd! Sophomore Jacob Samuels stepped into the role when his dad was slated to announce the games- he expressed his interest in the role and he has been awesome for the game atmosphere! Look for more great things in the future from this young Warrior!

Former YV Resource Officer Earns Officer of the Year nod! 
Former Warrior SRO Michael Jaime received the prestigious City Police Officer of the Year Award for 2014. Officer Jaime is now working on the homeless unit and continues to come to YV to help when he can. Congratulations!!! #Alwaysawarrior #Youcan'tleave

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