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Friday, April 3, 2015

March Part 2

Boy's Volleyball Returns!
Boys Volleyball has made a comeback on the YV Campus after a hiatus of not having a team. The team is revitalized under the knowledgeable direction of Jason Cisler, parent to Senior Josiah Cisler. Jason is no stranger to volleyball, and still plays competitive beach volleyball in his free time. The boys are enthusiastic and though most of the team has never played before, they are learning fast and have won their first game in a set against Mt Diablo! 

The second best part of the game? The after party. The fans and the boys tend to stick around and keep playing, building community and just proving once again that YV is a special place.. where no one wants to leave. :) 

YV's Health Academy Speakeasy
The Health Academy brings learning to life by creating a Speakeasy! Students learned about Prohibition and life in the 20's and then created an underground speakeasy, complete with passwords and games; only to be broken up by a police raid, led by our own SRO Officer Murtaza Ghaznawi. What a great learning experience! 

YV Drama learns the art of Illusion
Drama teacher Samantha Hopper brought in a specialist (Magician Joseph Schneider) for a lesson to the drama class about illusion and sleight of hand. 

Health Academy Seniors Take in Cal Science
Seniors were treated to a trip to Cal Science Academy, taking in exhibits and refreshing their knowledge of Zoology and Ecosystems. A great day out for the academy as the year winds down! 

All District Music Festival
The musicians converged onto Warrior Territory for an outstanding collaboration and blending of sounds, the All District Music Festival. The gym was packed to the gills as musicians from across the district came in and played wonderful music together. A treat for everyone involved, and just more proof of the talent not only at our own school, but in the community. 

Annual Vocal Music Pops Concert
Mr Geoff Carter put together another great concert, this one treating audiences to the current and favorite pop hits of the times, featuring songs by the BeeGees, Straight No Chaser, Jason Mraz and more. 
Catch some great clips HERE! 

Don't Stop the Music

Dust in the Wind

American Honey

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